SEM/SEO Trends for 2012

Clients need to make sure that their websites are ranked highly by Google and other search engines to attract more visitors. For this reason, it is very important to know the latest trends in SEO as every update in search algorithms affects a site’s position in the search results.

Google has released several very important updates that are going to affect how website contents will be ranked in the future. As the result of these updates, expect the following search engine optimization trends for this year.

Emphasis on Fresh Content

In a message posted late last year, Google explained how it is going to put more emphasis on fresh content over older information when displaying search results. It means that sites that are regularly updated will have a better chance of ranking highly than sites with stale contents. This change was brought about by Google’s new Caffeine web indexing system which enables it to index changes in web content almost immediately.

Then in another blog post on March 30, Google further clarified this new trend and explained how web users can take advantage of the more relevant search results.

The impact of this change is enough to bury highly ranked websites if they are not offering new information. Searches for recurring events such as elections will now return the latest information at the top, with historical data ranked lower.

Social Searches

Another hot issue that SEO experts must understand is the effect of social media on the results of Google searches. Search results will now feature information from people that the searcher is connected to, and lift the information from YouTube, Flickr, blogs, or their personal website. This is a very significant update considering the popularity of social networking sites and the huge amount of content being shared by people online. It means that a new video posted in Youtube will have a good chance at landing in the first page of a Google search by a person who is connected to the poster.

Mobile Searches and Marketing

Search engines will be hard pressed to ignore the power of mobile devices in bringing information to users. More and more people will turn to their mobile phones to search for information online, tapping into tiny keyboards to find the closest hotels, restaurants, sports bars, and a lot more.

The ability to take advantage of mobile payment will be a big factor in the success of online merchants. A few banks have already opened their services to mobile customers, allowing them to transfer funds through their mobile device. Expect this trend to get bigger as more and more smartphone users discover this convenient way to transact business.

Humanized Ranking

Website ranking will depend more and more on human visitors, and less on automated web page optimization. Google is already starting to use this approach, allowing users to rank the relevance of a website and factoring the results into its search ranking. This will have a far ranging effect on SEO as it will end most of the traditional optimization methods such as dependence on link buying, article repositories, and spamming. Instead, the search engines and website owners will now depend on the users to put the websites in their proper places when it comes to search results.

Expect more changes to come later as Google continues to tweak its search algorithms. It is advantageous for website owners to stay ahead of these changes and adjust their search engine optimization practices accordingly. Our SEO experts are here to help you stay in tune with the latest Google updates and trends.

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