2012 Mobile Application Development Trends

It didn’t take very long, but the mobile app market has become very saturated by 2012. Developers interested in tapping into the market will have a much more difficult time getting attention unless they are able to create a mobile app that is very unique and highly useful to users. Developers must stay on-top with the times and must be aware of the types of apps that are hot in 2012.

For Travelers

One of the most exciting aspects of app development is that the portable nature of the apps lead to new opportunities for businesses. Almost all smartphones come with GPS devices, which makes it possible for developers to provide services that are location-specific. They can track the exact behavior of customers and can help marketers determine what to sell to customers and how to bring products to them. This allows developers to create an assortment of usefulapplications that are location-based. For example, a traveler who needs accommodation canimmediately access information on nearby hotels and their prices and specific features.

For Business

The mobile app class that has seen the largest expansion in demand is the business app category. Business apps are gaining popularity as more and more businesses realize that they can spend more time on the road while also getting more work done. Older mobile apps helped users send email and set-up calendars. New mobile business apps are becoming more complex and sophisticated, allowing businesses to manage relationships with contacts and even manage entire enterprises.

Business applications will also become more interactive. More interactive business applications are not only easier to use, but also make it possible for businesses to cut training costs and increase productivity. Interactive features include visually engaging interfaces and the ability to use voice, touch and gestures to interact with applications.

Payment Apps

Mobile payment apps are becoming increasingly more prevalent as a way to help customers make payments on bills before they are past due. Payment services are also highly beneficial for businesses as they try to make it easier for customers to buy their products through as many channels as possible.


More and more businesses are trying to move their applications to the cloud so that they can access them from anywhere. Some of the most popular mobile apps under development areones that make it easier for owners to sync their devices across multiple platforms. Cloudapplications are similar to both desktop and web-based applications. Cloud applications can usually be operated both online and offline. They can respond immediately to user actions, but can be moved to any device very quickly.

Regardless of which apps a developer tries to create, one of the most effective ways to profit from apps is to determine which features will be the most useful to the target market and to bring these features to the market as quickly as possible. Businesses do not need to have a fully developed app. They simply need to get something useful to market, receive feedback and make the necessary changes through regular updates.

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